moving forward on a weft

at what latitude of myself shall i sleep
i could go south and more south
hibernate beneath this cozy walnut shell
or i could stretch stretch stretch the length of the globe
and wrap myself a shell, a blanket, an arm, a roof
around you and you and you


On a Music Tip

A few things I'm really into right now:

1. My beautiful friend Brian Marsh's blog musings on pop culture and music (I'm always enlightened by his musical insight)
- Beezo Blue http://beezospureandsimple.blogspot.com

2. I'm still on a Little Dragon high. Here's a track on their upcoming release. Animation by Hideyuki Katsumata.

Little Dragon - Fortune

3. Kuduro, kuduro, kuduro, kuduro!!!!

- Afrofunk Music Forum
- mad decent radio's podcast along w/a breakdown of the genre
- Wikipedia info

But let's just watch the dancers shall we?

Kuduro Dj leo Fox os melhores da cidade Karangejo, Marlon

Luis vc Marlon

kuduro Patricia Rossana Karangejo e Marlon putos q dão carga (found via Little Dragon's myspace)

I totally regret missing Diplo when he last passed through SF. He puts on these booty beats I love so much. If anyone knows any local SF, or East Bay, parties that get down like this, please tell me!


Dragon Tales

The Komodo and I caught Little Dragon at Cafe Du Nord on Sunday. They were AMAZING! You could feel their synergy in every note, and the crowd fell in love with them again, and again. Komodo snuck a few clips (you can hear me "woo-ing" in the background).




Carnal Horror

Saipan - metgot i pulan

My closest friends will attest to my fear of horror films. Not necessarily gore, but the stuff that reeks of the supernatural. I used to love the stuff as a kid, but I believe I indulged myself too much, too soon. Despite all of this, I'll admit an attraction to all things strange, scary and uncomfortable.

When I lived on Guam, a friend once convinced me to visit a fortune teller. This fortune teller lived in a spare, unkempt house in the middle of a typical village (neighborhood). On Guam you don't knock on people's doors when you visit them. Rather you call out loudly, usually from the driveway, which is to show respect for their personal space.

I remember we kept calling out for this woman, but no one came to the door. We then slowly walked up to one of the windows, and I recall seeing someone's feet perched up on an ottoman with claw-like toenails. I wanted to high tail it out of there, but my friend insisted on finding this woman (apparently she made an appointment beforehand). Eventually she came out from behind the house, and beckoned us back for the reading. It turned out the feet belonged to her sleeping son, which relieved me to know they were actually human.

I've been listening to Aphex Twin for some time now, but had to stop watching his videos when my horror fear developed. That said, I just discovered this particular video, via The Agytators, which is not unlike long claw-like feet seen through glass louvers. This thrills and scares me at the same time.

Aphex Twin - Window Licker, directed by Chris Cunningham


I've Got Life

Saipan sunset, Aquarius Beach

Nina Simone - Ain't Got No...I've Got Life

It was a long day. Running on a few hours of sleep, got off work, took the train to the voting polls, walked several blocks looking for the entrance, then waited to get my ballot. Fueled by a handful of almonds and juice, I needed to get the voting done before I could have a proper dinner till my 12hr fast. It was a bit exhausting.. mentally mostly.

After voting, a quick dinner, then I headed to the market for a few things. The streets were pretty quiet, and it was me, another customer, the girl at the register, and the store proprietor. Completing those small errands before heading home.

As I stood in line, the market owner excitedly announced to the cashier, "He won!" Who? "Obama... He won!" We collectively heaved sighs of relief, and bonded over the moment. The other customer, with a French accent said, now we must protect him. "Yes" we agreed. We smiled together, then bid our good-byes. The moment was dreamy.

As I walked home, the streets suddenly filled with cheers, honking horns, hugs and screams of elation. I smiled and filled up with happiness. Tears of joy streaming down my cheeks. After months of a depressive fog, I feel alive.

// photo: Saipan sunset - caramimi


around the corner

Despite these two galleries being around the corner from my home and work -- my consistent holing up in my studio has made me miss some visual relief from my computer screen.

Mission gallery, Ratio 3, showcases work from Lydia Fong (aka Barry McGee). McGee discusses some of the work influences, and the need to produce this art under the Lydia Fong persona. In particular, he talks about the preciousness of the glossy ink, face drawings that take up one corner of the space. The grouping of their frames appear something like a family tree.

video: KQED Gallery Crawl

A Moment for Reflection: new work by Lydia Fong
September 5 - October 18, 2008
Ratio 3 Gallery
San Francisco


the sum of it's parts

thar desert people, originally uploaded by giac.

this portrait fills my void of inspiration. there's too much in this image that i love. feeling alive again.....


guac prep

guac prep

I picked up a Reed avocado from Rainbow the other day, and was eager to break it in with some guacamole. I like the fact Rainbow is selling other avocado varieties. Although I love the ubiquitous Haas, it's always nice to try something new. The Reed is smooth and buttery. Perhaps not as rich and fatty as the Haas, but a beautiful flavor nonetheless.

I've made many a guacamole over the years, but this recipe is my tried & true. Mexican inspired, but I add my Chamorro cooking influences with the Asian chili peppers, garlic and scallion.

1 avocado
1 sliced tomato or handful of cherry tomatoes
1 chopped sprig of cilantro (with root attached is best)
1 large diced scallion (roots and all), blackened over a flame
2-3 chopped roasted Thai chili peppers (or any small red chilis)
1 mashed clove garlic (roasted over a flame)
1 Tbs toasted, ground cumin
juice of 1 lime (rolled and/or heated to get it very juicy)
salt & pepper to taste

- Pit and de-seed avocado. Mash with a fork.
- In a mortar, pound together the garlic, salt, chilis, scallion, cilantro and cumin. Add to the avocado mash.
- Add the sliced tomatoes. Mash into mixture with a fork.
- Add pepper to taste, or more salt if needed.
- Enjoy!



, originally uploaded by 安星安心.

皱纹, originally uploaded by 安星安心.

Indian Summer is here. I already feel the faintest chill creeping into the night. Got to milk these days for all they've got.


The Mercury Program

track: Marianas by The Mercury Program

I finally got on the Pandora bandwagon, and I can't tell you how amazing it is. It's like radio and a psychic reading wrapped in one.

Anyhoos, in my Tortoise radio, this nice little track slipped in. At first glance, I thought it was Tortoise, but the sound was a bit more ambient-y/less bass. I looked up the group, The Mercury Program, and found a lot of love/hate for them. I think there are many Tortoisefan-haters, but as a huge Tortoise fan myself, I'd say there is room for this sound to expand.

It's like that time I played Eno's Thursday Afternoon on a loop for three days. I could really get into this.




photo of filmaker Georgie Greville in her space on The Selby

Oh ho ho my... just discovered The Selby [via Righteous (re)Style]. It feels a bit like The Sartorialist for personal spaces -- or similar to those Japanese interior magazines I've been plunking down much $$$ for. The Selby's namesake, photographer Todd Selby, really knows how to capture the feeling in his subjects: people, objects, spaces and otherwise.

I've always loved seeing how creative folks live, and this site scratches that itch. Thank god 'cos I am hating Kinokuniya books for ensnaring me in their web. Yes, you Kino! Ok ok... I'll be seeing you next week *sigh*.


i don't miss stuffy air-conditioned condos...

5, originally uploaded by Indiana_James.

but i do miss posing like this. god, i can almost smell the drakkar noir.



Years ago, a friend of a friend was living in Cambodia and came back to the city laden with traditional Cambodian scarves called krama. Mine was a deep iridescent blue silk, with purple and yellow threads running through the weave. I got a lot of use out of it, and even wore it with other scarves when Winter rolled around.

When my girl guinea pig, Caramella passed, I wrapped her in my krama and laid her to rest. It was a fitting way to say goodbye to my beautiful piggie and a lovely scarf. On a random thrift day, I found this krama amongst the jumble of what-nots. It's as simple, stylish and striking as my last one.

I'll have this up in my Hello My Friend shop, but for now enjoying its pairing with this simple grey tee.


pottery love

pottery love
Originally uploaded by *caramimi*

On a recent thrift hunt, I totally lucked out and found these gorgeous pieces. I suspect they were donated by a studio, as each one had a semblance of continuity and even finishing. I really love these, and have been using the bigger bowl constantly. They have a reassuring heft in your hands.

Pottery found thrifting, orange tray from OHIO design



The iced espresso ritual. I am currently loving the combo of Ritual's Ccochapampa Peru beans with palm sugar. I can't believe I haven't explored palm sugar's delights till now. The mellow molasses flavor of the palm sugar is a perfect match to this espresso's acidity. Mmmmm.... sublime.

Ritual Roasters organic, fair-trade espresso x palm sugar x organic half-half. French cafe glass, pottery bowl, and ILSA espresso pot found thrifting; rectangular striped dish from Japantown; orange tray from OHIO design, rooster Portugal tea towel from magicmikas.

Get Up!

SIM Ciara 1 vs

SIM Ciara 2

God, I wanna feel like this when I wake up. I don't think they can touch the original, but they def made it more hilarious. Love the SIM guys dancing outside that cage thing. And the helicopter!

self service

Guinevere van Seenus x Chloe Sevigny

Stopped by Aardvark Books today and discovered this hefty fashion tome, Self Service magazine. Apparently it's been around for a while, but I've been in fashion book/mag hiding since I burn a hole in my wallet quite easily in a bookstore. I avoid temptation at all costs, and have yet to put the library on my weekly route.

I lucked out and found an older issue for only $10.... not bad. It was a choice between the Chloe Sevigny issue (see pic above), or the one I chose which focused on the players behind the scenes in the fashion and design scene. I do love me some Chloe, but really didn't need 20+ pages devoted to her. Although she does share my affinity for grey cardigans. Yes, even my mixed up style needs a basic piece to anchor it in.

The hardbound issue I picked up did not disappoint. Excellent interviews, great fashion editorial photograhed by Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin, and I loved, loved, looooooved the interspersing of 80's & 90's ads mixed in with candid/personal pics of fashion folks. Ok, must devour this from cover to cover.


Sigua Falls

Pina power...

On Guam, my friends and I would often hike to remote beaches and waterfalls. Sigua Falls took about 3hrs to get to, and you had to trek through hills, sword grass, and repel down a steep, muddy slope holding onto a rope for dear life. It was glorious!

I remember one adventure where I was in a particularly bad mood, trekking through the mud and grass during high noon. I griped part of the way, especially incensed with one of my friends, traipsing through the mud with twigs in his hair. Once we found the falls, though, I immersed myself in the cold, gushing water and my mood completely melted. Sigua claimed me again that day.


lovely lazy summer pets

Cuppa Joe.... Pepe Joe gets a little water spritz on a hot Summer day. Tried to capture his portrait, but here he is, threatening to nibble my fingers.

Mid-Century Modern Fuzzy-ture
Fuzzy Turklet
Mid-Century Modern Fuzzy-ture.... And here is Fuzzy -- breaking up the hard angles of this mod sofa. Like a little orange flokati throw. I pet sat him for a few weeks and caught him offering up the "tote bag" one day.


isa's geta

isa's geta
on thrifting jaunts, i'll sometimes stumble upon a perfect treasure. this child-sized geta was such a find. it is simultaneously beautiful and cute (being miniature, that is).

the red velvet straps feature a checkerboard pattern in silver thread embroidery -- and the shape?! the shape just kills me. part of set i gifted to my niece isa.


natto with basil & penne

natto with basil & penne

This is California fusion by way of Japan, by way of Italy -- the ingredients that is. I have been eating natto (fermented soybeans) for several months now. I usually take it over hot rice, sometimes mixed with green onion or an egg. Since the recent heat wave, I've been hooked on eating this cold penne tossed with torn basil, olive oil and a dash of sea salt. Thought I'd try it with natto this time.

The taste was clean and very simple. You must really like natto to enjoy this dish (it is the most prominent flavor). I liked mixing the natto with sea salt and olive oil -- a nice change of pace from the usual mustard, tsuyu or shoyu seasonings. Served in a Mexican pottery bowl purchased at the San Jose flea market, and a bamboo platter found thrifting.

Made of mostly organic ingredients: Japanese natto, Bio Nature whole wheat penne (tastier than I expected), California extra virgin olive oil (bought from bulk aisle at Rainbow Grocery), Hawaiian sea salt, and basil. This is prepared and served at room temperature.


objects: link texture weave surface

Afternoon oolong. It can be sublime -- especially when taken in a favorite cup. Tampopo/dandelion ceramic crinkled cup and batik-like potholder found thrifting.

link link texture weave
A circle in circle, in square, in pattern, texture, and color. I made this little crocheted wool bowl during a fit of restlessness. It's simple, and a perfect vessel for tomatoes or an avocado. Rattan potholder and blue/white woven runner (Japan-made I believe) found thrifting. I used secondhand wool yarn for the bowl.


miso yaki-nasu

miso yaki-nasu

I found some beautiful organic Japanese-variety eggplants at Rainbow Grocery Co-op. Inspired by Tea & Cookies, I made yaki-nasu (grilled eggplant) with miso. Quite delicious! I mixed a bit of sugar with the miso, from the original recipe, but found it a tad too sweet. I'll do this again, but nix the sugar and maybe add some chili instead. I can't tell you how good this was with rice.

I usually like my yaki-nasu prepared by charring the eggplant over the fire, peeling off the blackened skin, then serving it with a squeeze of lemon & shoyu. It was nice to try something new. Served on a bamboo tray and Japanese ceramic dish found thrifting.

Ingredients: Local Japanese-variety eggplant, California Cold Mountain yellow miso, pinch of turbinado sugar, roasted sesame oil and scallions. All organic and mostly local (Bay Area) or Californian.


Round Midnight

Andy Bey & The Bey Sisters - Round Midnight

Creeping into 2008 with little sleep on my hands. Some of us girls have this insomnia thing passed down from my mother's side. Sometimes it's debilitating, but usually I just embrace the night.

I've had Miles Davis on rotation for years, but this is the first time I've heard vocals to this tune. Andy Bey's voice is the power that seduces me into the dark.