Cuddle buns → downtime dressing
Loose shapes, a loose bun, and citrine shots of color through an overcast sky....

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Modern, roomy shape as 50's coat = get your Mad Men on... New in the shop.

Model: Dannie / Details: Dries Van Noten camel hair crocheted shawl turned circle scarf, vintage Middle Eastern metallic print cotton dress, vintage horn & brass bangles, brass studded leather collar, velvet leggings & clogs model's own.



A new turn around the sun, coming full circle, number 9...
Roomy worn menswear, graphic feminine lines, and the decadence of bijoux.



First project of the year completed! It knitted up surprisingly fast.
I'm on such a knitter's high that I may tackle another hat soon.
Colors are wonky, but that's Instagram for you. First color is closest to actual shade.

Anyways, YAY!