I'm loving the feeling of oversized, baggy, baggy, baggy clothing right now. Not like, "saggin' drawls" baggy, but literally oversized and wide. Accented with heels of course!

I randomly found this girl's blog via Opening Ceremony, and voilĂ , she REALLY gets it. Her major shark tooth necklace is like a new kind of bling, doncha think? Found myself smitten by her style, and literally read through every post in her archives. I admire her nod to minimalism, mixed with vintage and menswear basics. Check out her blog right now → STOP IT RIGHT NOW

images via STOP IT RIGHT NOW


San Francisco Summers are often untimely, so when the sun comes out, you make the most of what you can. On clear day, my friend Sam had the brilliant idea of biking through Golden Gate Park to Ocean Beach. Off and away....

James showed up with Chica on board.

The Conservatory of Flowers had dahlias in bloom.

and this prehistoric-looking, spidery, spiky lovely...

We made it!

After lunch, Chica-in-a-basket & I took in some sun at perhaps the most awesome parklet ever.

I perused General Store, one of my favorite shops. A bowl of colorful knitted booties with angora vamps --kawaii handicrafts.

I was obsessed with this piece: a giant faceted quartz set in drippy bronze.

General Store's backyard. Check out the little paned house to the right.

and this big, beautifully worn table. Can you imagine morning coffee or sharing a meal here?

The beautiful array of natural and manmade.

An angora-looking cactus. Looky no touchy...

Little worlds and blank kokeshi.

We stopped by Outerlands to check out their menu. I was busy checking out their floor. Layers of history and concrete. On a side note, I picked up these leather sandals at a garage sale for a song! They turned out very beach, bike and adventure worthy.


In the race for beauty, nature always wins. Photographer Luke Stephenson's Incomplete Dictionary of Show Birds.

l-r/top-bottom: Siberian Bullfinch, Java Sparrow, Red Canary, Green Canary, Gouldian Finch

(via the KENZO blog)