Round Midnight

Andy Bey & The Bey Sisters - Round Midnight

Creeping into 2008 with little sleep on my hands. Some of us girls have this insomnia thing passed down from my mother's side. Sometimes it's debilitating, but usually I just embrace the night.

I've had Miles Davis on rotation for years, but this is the first time I've heard vocals to this tune. Andy Bey's voice is the power that seduces me into the dark.


santos. said...

insomnia here too. i just baked some tasty puff pastry treats.

this is the third andy bey & the bey sisters reference i've seen this week. something going around?

caramimi said...

it's the lovely npr effect. andy bey just released a cd, and their music critic did a review on fresh air. i'm so bummed i've just discovered him, cos he was at the new yoshi's on fillmore, like 2 weeks ago.

man, i need to have an insomnia bout with you and the puff pastry!

santos. said...

come on over. also made ladyfingers for a strawberry charlotte. doing banana muffins tonight. and something with that puff pastry....