Goodbye Pina

Pina Bausch died today. My Dad's going into surgery as well. Too much change for me to handle.

I have to thank my friend Rio for introducing me to the wonder of Pina Bausch so many years ago. We watched these on video, then I had the luck of seeing her company, Tanztheater Wuppertal, perform in Berkeley, during my first years in SF. Thank you for all the beauty, pain, emotion.... (a lighter Pina post here)


Magic man

This is spellbinding... every ranchero island boy/surfer/skater/musician/poet wrapped up, grown up and styling. His comfort level with the floral jacket is sexy.

via The Sartorialist


Cuties of note

Saying hello and goodbye to a few cuties today....

Goodbye to the apple and panda beaded coin purse necklaces I posted in my shop. I'm elated they're moving onto a lucky buyer, but am a bit nostalgic of this style period in my life. We've had some good times you two!

And hello to musician James Yuill. I've got KCRW full blast, and listening to his set. I declare this song Monday's jam!

James Yuill - Over The Hills