photo of filmaker Georgie Greville in her space on The Selby

Oh ho ho my... just discovered The Selby [via Righteous (re)Style]. It feels a bit like The Sartorialist for personal spaces -- or similar to those Japanese interior magazines I've been plunking down much $$$ for. The Selby's namesake, photographer Todd Selby, really knows how to capture the feeling in his subjects: people, objects, spaces and otherwise.

I've always loved seeing how creative folks live, and this site scratches that itch. Thank god 'cos I am hating Kinokuniya books for ensnaring me in their web. Yes, you Kino! Ok ok... I'll be seeing you next week *sigh*.


Ali said...

Antoi...I LOVE THIS SITE!! How would you feel if I blogged about it on Hatch? I'll give you credit for it, of course.

caramimi said...

Hi Ali! Go for it. It's a great site, and I love how the photographer captures the personality and spirit of these spaces. Very human design.