I've Got Life

Saipan sunset, Aquarius Beach

Nina Simone - Ain't Got No...I've Got Life

It was a long day. Running on a few hours of sleep, got off work, took the train to the voting polls, walked several blocks looking for the entrance, then waited to get my ballot. Fueled by a handful of almonds and juice, I needed to get the voting done before I could have a proper dinner till my 12hr fast. It was a bit exhausting.. mentally mostly.

After voting, a quick dinner, then I headed to the market for a few things. The streets were pretty quiet, and it was me, another customer, the girl at the register, and the store proprietor. Completing those small errands before heading home.

As I stood in line, the market owner excitedly announced to the cashier, "He won!" Who? "Obama... He won!" We collectively heaved sighs of relief, and bonded over the moment. The other customer, with a French accent said, now we must protect him. "Yes" we agreed. We smiled together, then bid our good-byes. The moment was dreamy.

As I walked home, the streets suddenly filled with cheers, honking horns, hugs and screams of elation. I smiled and filled up with happiness. Tears of joy streaming down my cheeks. After months of a depressive fog, I feel alive.

// photo: Saipan sunset - caramimi

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