Wrapper's Delight

These bouts of insomnia = wire-wrapped rings. I'm thinking of adding these to my shop.

(left-right): Red dyed bamboo coral stone, vintage brass-wrapped quartz (this was previously a pendant), and two rings of hematite beads. All stones & beads are either found, or deconstructed from thrifted/vintage jewelry.


Treat me warm

So I can move...

I'm in love with photographer Rocio Montoya's images (more here); and I've been listening to Danish duo, Quadron, on a loop (below).


Pattern play

I've been watching a lot of sweet video shorts inspired by films by the great Charles & Ray Eames. I find it soothing to watch these process stories unfold, especially when accompanied by cinematic jazz. Seriously... watching a slew of these in succession probably lowers my blood pressure by ten points. It's quite mesmerizing to watch the pretty colors and patterns dance before your eyes.

Additionally, I've been revisiting past collections by Italian design house, Marni, and found it a nice coincidence that this sweet Marni post-Spring 2010 promo vid landed in my YT subscriptions. Maybe the Marni folks like the Eames' too huh?

A few of my fave Marni Spring/Summer collections

With all this color & pattern play, I wanted to share this wonderful screen print I found while thrifting. I believe this is a print etching. When viewed up close you can see the color overlays, and some texture embossed onto the paper. It's titled Home is Where, and there's a some writing near the bottom that reads "Home is where the bird is." Very sweet...


Thai iced tea attempt

I've taken a break from making coffee at home, to force myself to get outside and mingle amongst the living at my local cafe--which happens to be Four Barrel Coffee--how lucky am I? But really, if you work from home, as I do, you totally understand the need to be around people to prevent cabin fever. Despite my attempts at said co-mingling, I was dying for a coffee/tea fix, and rediscovered a bag of loose Thai tea leaves my friend, Halima, gave me a while back. Here's the result of my first home brew.

I decided to brew in a tea pot with strainer, just to keep from screwing up major the first time around. I'd venture to guess this is a 5-cup pot, with 6 hefty teaspoons of loose tea. I brewed it for 5mins, before plunging. This is my second glass!

On the far left is coconut palm sugar, I broke into smaller pieces. It keeps well in a glass jar in my cupboard. The palm sugar sweetness is soft and slightly caramel in flavor --perfect for Thai iced tea. It's been noted that palm sugar is also low on the glycemic index, is sustainably grown, and minimally processed. I use organic half and half for milk, but you can use whatever you fancy.

My proportions:
- 1 pint glass filled with iced.
- melt 1 1/2 tsp palm sugar in brewed tea.
- pour over iced, then top off with cooled tea about a little more than 3/4 of the way up.
- add half and half to desired creaminess.

Here's an easy recipe I found, and some Thai iced tea porn below. Ha!


This is the extended arm that pulls me from the dark water

When you talk, and I talk, our spider words weave connected threads. Sitting still is enough to soak it in. Ring, ring on the mental telephone.