Post-Christmas street sightings

I'm trying to lug my camera around, more often, so as not to miss out on some of the gems I find on my walkabouts. In a morning food haze, post-Christmas, out looking for breakfast and thrifted boots.

New street art nearby. Been meaning to snap this before they completely deface it.

The cutest liquor store ever! I love onigiri-bear-head, and check out that little peep in the corner. Mural by Bue the Warrior.

Seriously... bread bowl of pasta? WTF?!



Fuzzy memories

My recent mohair allergy has me clearing out my fuzzy, rabbity pieces. Unfortunately I'm forced to sell my Margiela Collection 6 grunge sweater. I really love this piece and am very sad to part with it. I've edited my closet down to favorite essentials, and loved items, so this parting bums me out. I've been a huge fan of Margiela since I first laid eyes on his tabi boots. My tiny collection of his stuff has been treasured.

My loss is your gain.... Available in my shop.

Margiela Collection 6 Wool Mohair Sweater in Fuchsia and Burgundy Stripes



i took the long way round. resonating on every second, third, fourth, fifth.

squeaky clean with heat in my hair -- that coveted halo of light. earthy. i finally noticed the moss in the cracks...



once a fleshy flower
silky as the crease inside the bend of my limbs
the beauty is fleeting
a face with folds like petals crushed
but your lingering scent permeates my mind
come lay down the melancholy blanket like a dear old friend

design: caramimi


This girl

Has great style. I'm loving the details along with her big picture. That dress, the shoulders, the colors (a soft blue-grey with red.. umm yes!), blue pedicure, accessories and the haircut. This is confidence, sensuality, strong & feminine. She owns it!

pics via The Face Hunter in Jakarta



Yinka Shonibare

I like Yinka Shonibare's convergence of color, texture, textiles, racial identity, appropriated culture, fashion, debauchery, and his reinterpretation of Western art. It doesn't hurt that he's charming as heck either. (images via acidolatte)

How to Blow up Two Heads at Once (Gentlemen), 2006

How to Blow up Two Heads at Once (Ladies), 2006

How to Blow up Two Heads at Once (Ladies & Gentlemen), 2006

Gallantry and Criminal Conversation, 2002 / Boy With Fishing Rod on Stilts, 2006



I'm really, really, really feeling the visual onslaught, and music knowledge of Freddy Allen Anzures from local design studio, props (www.p-r-o-p-s.com/). Sifting through his blog, videos and portfolio, inspired me to revisit a photo I have been working, and reworking for what seems like forever. Finally, the Milky Galactic Skull (below) can rest easy.

Now jones out and enjoy the view while watching the awesome Dam-Funk video for his Toeachizown album.


All hail McQueen!

After watching Alexander McQueen's latest Spring 2010 collection, all I am want to do is bow down and kiss the collective feet of folks who put this collection (and show) together. From the styling, makeup, runway concept, clothing and accessories.... I melt in the creative genius!

My only gripe is the last song played during the final exits. I believe it is a new Lady Gaga single debuted, but all I can think of is "gag gag"-ing from the sound of it. I inserted my own soundtrack below, recently discovered and giving me electric booty shocks each time I press play.

Now onto the visuals!

Official video

video: http://alexandermcqueenlive.showstudio.com

Style.com's coverage. Check out Daphne Guinness' ghoul eyes!

My favorite looks:

Top to bottom amazing prints, colors and soft-sculpted construction.

This soft volume is dreamy.

My first thought was McQueen's take on Cate Blanchett in Elizabeth

This black/midnight blue offering gets me very excited. I am loving that steel-plated patent shoe goodness.

More dark excitement, but as a razor-sharp 80's, sci-fi onesie.

I thought this look encompassed everything about this show: liquid, ocean, sci-fi, medieval, reptilian, goddess, shape, texture (scales), alien, aftermath, rebirth.

All runway look photos: Marcio Madeira via Style.com


What can one say about this? It is AMAZING! Shells, fins, and coral reef formations. It's hard to articulate.


This is feeling very underwater, organic, cosmic. Reminds me of my friend Mario's (aka MARS-1) work.

Like delicate, flaky, outer layer formations of a giant clamshell.

The sick beading detail on these trousers.

The nails are the best I've ever seen! I want.

Simple, yet clever idea. Dangerous even...

The shoes, the shoes! I'm speechless over these.

All detail photos: Don Ashby & Olivier Claisse via Style.com


night moves

This is my birthday moon. A month late, but fitting on a full waxed moon evening. I love these nights. Stirring amidst, acting out, moving, creating, laughter, music and love. Howling optional...


BV SS 2010 yes please!

Tomas Maier's SS 2010 collection for Bottega Veneta is pushing all my buttons. I am loving the bright, yet muted, color palette that feels like a mashup of Italian Memphis Group design meets 80's office furniture. Lots of pale neutrals with a shock of color toned down just a notch. I particularly love the mustard-eggy yellows.

The soft, handcrafted look of the accessories are beautiful. They really take the signature Bottega weave to another level. The bags feel very ethnic, crafty, but quietly luxurious -- something Maier does so well. This asian-inspired, loose, structured silhouette, with a dash of body-con thrown in is so sexy and feminine, yet serene. I can't wait to interpret this feeling in my own wardrobe.

My favorite looks.

Photos by Marcio Madeira via Style.com

Visual inspiration.

Italy 6602 by Departure Lounge

photo by Bethany Ramella

photo by Bethany Ramella

Water by Adrien DONOT

DRAWING by fakemood