yukimi makes me weep


I've been listening to After the Rain by Little Dragon on KCRW. It's in my aural peripheral, yet very affecting. Finally discovered the name of the vocalist -- Yukimi Nagano. This piano, this voice. It makes me lament for things I don't know...


big chester, little chester

I'm so happy today. Well, for Chester, my guinea pig, most especially. I finally found a young, male pig to adopt as Chester's new companion, and little brother. Turns out his name is Chester, as well.

We lost my girl pig Chichi, Chester's companion, this past July. She lived for 7 years. A long time.. and the best little friend I've known. Really a gentle, loving pig. There's been a little, grey cloud since we lost Chichi, but now it's been lifted with the pending arrival of the little Chester. Anticipation.

update: Pepe Joe aka "little Chester" here


Slouch - restrained

Illustration + digital design, 2005. Pared down version of Slouch deux piece here. Invisible dress by Maison Martin Margiela.


tinyshop - celebrating small

tinyshop flyer

Design for tinyshop, a pop-up shop & art show I'm curating at double punch gallery (info below). Please come by and visit tinyshop if you're in San Francisco.

tinyshop celebrates the preciousness of "mini" -- the shortest distance between 2 points, the space of minutiae, and creative endeavors on a small scale. Curated by Antoinette Celes, tinyshop is a pop-up shop & art show event to be held at double punch gallery in San Francisco's North Beach district. Fun-spirited folks and magnifying glasses most welcome.

Nov 24, 2007 - Jan 31, 2008
opening night: Nov 24, 2007

double punch gallery
1821 Powell Street
San Francisco, CA 94133

tinyshop blog: www.tinyshop.blogspot.com

curator, pr/press inquires: Antoinette Celes
send email


objects & made things

Still life arrangements around my space, coupled with some things I've made.

little elephant made entirely of shells, with the exception of the funny googly-eyes. this piece reminds me of my chi chi guinea pig.

still life: texture, mortality, beauty
a lot going on here, but somewhat restrained. wood, wool, enamel, palm leaf. the hat is my attempt at weaving. the crocheted skull is something i felt compelled to make.

kokeshi on my mind
kokeshi on my mind....

stills: mars-1, mesh, andrew schoultz
a corner still. ballpoint/painting by mars-1, flyer for andrew schoultz's show at park life gallery, rose mesh sculpture.

mesh sculptures
an organ garden of mesh shapes. i'm collecting mesh and finding it manipulates beautifully.