Farewell Cool Ruler

Thank you for all the wonderful music - RIP.

Gregory Isaacs July 15, 1951 - October 25, 2010


Happy birthday Pepe Joe!

A little post-bath smile.

Green moustache

Ya, mon

My guinea pig, Pepe Joe (aka Pepe John Joe aka The Silky Banana aka My Butterscotch Boo), turns 3 years old today. He's been a joy since I adopted him, and I feel grateful to have such a sweet, and sometimes naughty, pig in my life. Ah, the shenanigans...


White Denim

... is feeling so good right now. - Last Day of Summer

I waited for your warm Indian Summer breeze to slink by,
in the lightest cotton dress, and caipirinha-flushed cheeks.
Dreaming of a rooftop, with the faintest scent of dusk.
Hold on just a while longer...

in the pool

This feels like the truth

Hardly Working


The Simpsons x Banksy

Collaboration, exploitation, theft, social commentary? It's all about the message. I love Banksy.


I was looking for Maximum Balloon vids

and found this... Kinda NSFW, but I think a nice way to start the week. A curvy, dancing girl having fun is always a yes in my book.

Maximum Balloon - Tiger (feat. Aku)