If I sung to you

would it help ease the pain?

My father's ailing health weighs heavy on my mind... heavy on my heart. My strongest memories growing up, was the constant spinning of music playing in our house, or in the car. My dad was fond of the soul greats, and I'm thankful I had these wonderful tunes in my formidable years. Hang in there dad....


Burmese charm

I recently caught up with my good friend, Tim, for belated birthday celebrations over catch-up conversation and amazing food at Burmese Kitchen in the Tenderloin. If there's a Burmese restaurant in your area, and you've been curious to try the cuisine, I'd strongly advise to get thee bum there toute suite! I've experienced a myriad of flavors in my lifetime, but Burmese food -- in particular the fermented tea leaf salad -- is a whole new flavor profile for me, and has my tastebuds doing proverbial back flips... in a good way!

I also had the chance to give Tim a birthday charm necklace I made for him, of found objects, vintage jewelry findings, and some beautiful materials I've collected. He asked me to create something for him, and his birthday was a good excuse to get myself back into the materials & trinket bin. I thoughtfully contemplated the pairing of these items, in order to create something along a more masculine aesthetic. This was different from my usual design direction, and I enjoyed stepping out of my usual creative boundaries.

Ironically, Tim was sporting a lovely leather & metal bracelet from H&M, and a gorgeous, heavy silver-linked bracelet. They matched perfectly with the charm bracelet.

Stainless steel ball chain, with charms of antiqued silver ring, metal bullet, mother-of-pearl disc, carved shell leaf, puka shell, and silver articulated alligator (not shown). Found objects and vintage jewelry pieces.