Post-Christmas street sightings

I'm trying to lug my camera around, more often, so as not to miss out on some of the gems I find on my walkabouts. In a morning food haze, post-Christmas, out looking for breakfast and thrifted boots.

New street art nearby. Been meaning to snap this before they completely deface it.

The cutest liquor store ever! I love onigiri-bear-head, and check out that little peep in the corner. Mural by Bue the Warrior.

Seriously... bread bowl of pasta? WTF?!



Fuzzy memories

My recent mohair allergy has me clearing out my fuzzy, rabbity pieces. Unfortunately I'm forced to sell my Margiela Collection 6 grunge sweater. I really love this piece and am very sad to part with it. I've edited my closet down to favorite essentials, and loved items, so this parting bums me out. I've been a huge fan of Margiela since I first laid eyes on his tabi boots. My tiny collection of his stuff has been treasured.

My loss is your gain.... Available in my shop.

Margiela Collection 6 Wool Mohair Sweater in Fuchsia and Burgundy Stripes



i took the long way round. resonating on every second, third, fourth, fifth.

squeaky clean with heat in my hair -- that coveted halo of light. earthy. i finally noticed the moss in the cracks...