Carnal Horror

Saipan - metgot i pulan

My closest friends will attest to my fear of horror films. Not necessarily gore, but the stuff that reeks of the supernatural. I used to love the stuff as a kid, but I believe I indulged myself too much, too soon. Despite all of this, I'll admit an attraction to all things strange, scary and uncomfortable.

When I lived on Guam, a friend once convinced me to visit a fortune teller. This fortune teller lived in a spare, unkempt house in the middle of a typical village (neighborhood). On Guam you don't knock on people's doors when you visit them. Rather you call out loudly, usually from the driveway, which is to show respect for their personal space.

I remember we kept calling out for this woman, but no one came to the door. We then slowly walked up to one of the windows, and I recall seeing someone's feet perched up on an ottoman with claw-like toenails. I wanted to high tail it out of there, but my friend insisted on finding this woman (apparently she made an appointment beforehand). Eventually she came out from behind the house, and beckoned us back for the reading. It turned out the feet belonged to her sleeping son, which relieved me to know they were actually human.

I've been listening to Aphex Twin for some time now, but had to stop watching his videos when my horror fear developed. That said, I just discovered this particular video, via The Agytators, which is not unlike long claw-like feet seen through glass louvers. This thrills and scares me at the same time.

Aphex Twin - Window Licker, directed by Chris Cunningham

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