natto with basil & penne

natto with basil & penne

This is California fusion by way of Japan, by way of Italy -- the ingredients that is. I have been eating natto (fermented soybeans) for several months now. I usually take it over hot rice, sometimes mixed with green onion or an egg. Since the recent heat wave, I've been hooked on eating this cold penne tossed with torn basil, olive oil and a dash of sea salt. Thought I'd try it with natto this time.

The taste was clean and very simple. You must really like natto to enjoy this dish (it is the most prominent flavor). I liked mixing the natto with sea salt and olive oil -- a nice change of pace from the usual mustard, tsuyu or shoyu seasonings. Served in a Mexican pottery bowl purchased at the San Jose flea market, and a bamboo platter found thrifting.

Made of mostly organic ingredients: Japanese natto, Bio Nature whole wheat penne (tastier than I expected), California extra virgin olive oil (bought from bulk aisle at Rainbow Grocery), Hawaiian sea salt, and basil. This is prepared and served at room temperature.

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