On a Music Tip

A few things I'm really into right now:

1. My beautiful friend Brian Marsh's blog musings on pop culture and music (I'm always enlightened by his musical insight)
- Beezo Blue http://beezospureandsimple.blogspot.com

2. I'm still on a Little Dragon high. Here's a track on their upcoming release. Animation by Hideyuki Katsumata.

Little Dragon - Fortune

3. Kuduro, kuduro, kuduro, kuduro!!!!

- Afrofunk Music Forum
- mad decent radio's podcast along w/a breakdown of the genre
- Wikipedia info

But let's just watch the dancers shall we?

Kuduro Dj leo Fox os melhores da cidade Karangejo, Marlon

Luis vc Marlon

kuduro Patricia Rossana Karangejo e Marlon putos q dão carga (found via Little Dragon's myspace)

I totally regret missing Diplo when he last passed through SF. He puts on these booty beats I love so much. If anyone knows any local SF, or East Bay, parties that get down like this, please tell me!


beezo said...

Damn, that was good! Consider me an instant fan of kusduro & Little Dragon.

caramimi said...

I don't know why, but kuduro reminds me of rap/hip-hop and the street dancing (breakdancing, popping, locking, etc) when I first discovered it as a kid. So raw with feeling. Love it!

Vamanos said...

Check out DJ Chief Boima's parties, one of the Ghetto Bassquake writers:


caramimi said...

gracias -- i will def check this out!