Vintage adornments for your collar, waist and wrist. New in the shop.

Vintage brass metal buckle looking like some kind of artifact. Imperfectly perfect.

Totally tubular. Brass tubes & leather necklace.

Rounded wood, Eames meets India, brass inlay, wrist architecture.

A big, fat wooden bangle and bone bracelet making the foundation of your wrist collection.


Yes this... This is the one. An army of fonts, mid-century upholstery, a line, a circle and one big collapsible 99cent laundry bag. Superflat.

CĂ©line Fall 2013

Favorite looks:

Details, it's all in the details. In this case, the lack thereof.

Runway: Monica Feudi / Details: Gianni Pucci, InDigital, GoRunway.com


The Fall 2013 collections = Paris bringing it once again.

Dammit Dries!
I love you so.....

Dries Van Noten Fall 2013

The softest black rose
grows in Paris...

Gareth Pugh Fall 2013

A slight austere androgyny,
with cracks in the sidewalk
where pretty weeds push through.
Classic Balenciaga
pared down for the street.
Kudos Mr. Wang....

Balenciaga Fall 2013

Hold on, let me throw on
my leather dress and fur pocket poncho.
I'll meet you in 10 minutes....

Sonia Rykiel Fall 2013

Over time, the stone's edges
give way to the waves,
becoming a rough,
yet soft, pumice.

Haider Ackermann Fall 2013


Warm days and cold nights. Catch some rays while you can. Those beams trick the buds into an early Spring. I don't mind...
I've had places to go, and things to do. A chance to stop and warm the knees is always welcome.

Been passing on my knit projects to friends, and finally knitted something for myself.
Sitting in the sweet spot at Spike's enjoying a delicious Americano, house pop on Pandora,
and feeling grateful for creative hands and simply enjoying life.

Camellia my love....

Spring's easy tears

Raise the red lantern. Escaped the Chinese New Year crush, and found a nice spot to toast the snakes.

Finally found the right red.