photo of filmaker Georgie Greville in her space on The Selby

Oh ho ho my... just discovered The Selby [via Righteous (re)Style]. It feels a bit like The Sartorialist for personal spaces -- or similar to those Japanese interior magazines I've been plunking down much $$$ for. The Selby's namesake, photographer Todd Selby, really knows how to capture the feeling in his subjects: people, objects, spaces and otherwise.

I've always loved seeing how creative folks live, and this site scratches that itch. Thank god 'cos I am hating Kinokuniya books for ensnaring me in their web. Yes, you Kino! Ok ok... I'll be seeing you next week *sigh*.


i don't miss stuffy air-conditioned condos...

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but i do miss posing like this. god, i can almost smell the drakkar noir.



Years ago, a friend of a friend was living in Cambodia and came back to the city laden with traditional Cambodian scarves called krama. Mine was a deep iridescent blue silk, with purple and yellow threads running through the weave. I got a lot of use out of it, and even wore it with other scarves when Winter rolled around.

When my girl guinea pig, Caramella passed, I wrapped her in my krama and laid her to rest. It was a fitting way to say goodbye to my beautiful piggie and a lovely scarf. On a random thrift day, I found this krama amongst the jumble of what-nots. It's as simple, stylish and striking as my last one.

I'll have this up in my Hello My Friend shop, but for now enjoying its pairing with this simple grey tee.


pottery love

pottery love
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On a recent thrift hunt, I totally lucked out and found these gorgeous pieces. I suspect they were donated by a studio, as each one had a semblance of continuity and even finishing. I really love these, and have been using the bigger bowl constantly. They have a reassuring heft in your hands.

Pottery found thrifting, orange tray from OHIO design



The iced espresso ritual. I am currently loving the combo of Ritual's Ccochapampa Peru beans with palm sugar. I can't believe I haven't explored palm sugar's delights till now. The mellow molasses flavor of the palm sugar is a perfect match to this espresso's acidity. Mmmmm.... sublime.

Ritual Roasters organic, fair-trade espresso x palm sugar x organic half-half. French cafe glass, pottery bowl, and ILSA espresso pot found thrifting; rectangular striped dish from Japantown; orange tray from OHIO design, rooster Portugal tea towel from magicmikas.

Get Up!

SIM Ciara 1 vs

SIM Ciara 2

God, I wanna feel like this when I wake up. I don't think they can touch the original, but they def made it more hilarious. Love the SIM guys dancing outside that cage thing. And the helicopter!

self service

Guinevere van Seenus x Chloe Sevigny

Stopped by Aardvark Books today and discovered this hefty fashion tome, Self Service magazine. Apparently it's been around for a while, but I've been in fashion book/mag hiding since I burn a hole in my wallet quite easily in a bookstore. I avoid temptation at all costs, and have yet to put the library on my weekly route.

I lucked out and found an older issue for only $10.... not bad. It was a choice between the Chloe Sevigny issue (see pic above), or the one I chose which focused on the players behind the scenes in the fashion and design scene. I do love me some Chloe, but really didn't need 20+ pages devoted to her. Although she does share my affinity for grey cardigans. Yes, even my mixed up style needs a basic piece to anchor it in.

The hardbound issue I picked up did not disappoint. Excellent interviews, great fashion editorial photograhed by Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin, and I loved, loved, looooooved the interspersing of 80's & 90's ads mixed in with candid/personal pics of fashion folks. Ok, must devour this from cover to cover.


Sigua Falls

Pina power...

On Guam, my friends and I would often hike to remote beaches and waterfalls. Sigua Falls took about 3hrs to get to, and you had to trek through hills, sword grass, and repel down a steep, muddy slope holding onto a rope for dear life. It was glorious!

I remember one adventure where I was in a particularly bad mood, trekking through the mud and grass during high noon. I griped part of the way, especially incensed with one of my friends, traipsing through the mud with twigs in his hair. Once we found the falls, though, I immersed myself in the cold, gushing water and my mood completely melted. Sigua claimed me again that day.


lovely lazy summer pets

Cuppa Joe.... Pepe Joe gets a little water spritz on a hot Summer day. Tried to capture his portrait, but here he is, threatening to nibble my fingers.

Mid-Century Modern Fuzzy-ture
Fuzzy Turklet
Mid-Century Modern Fuzzy-ture.... And here is Fuzzy -- breaking up the hard angles of this mod sofa. Like a little orange flokati throw. I pet sat him for a few weeks and caught him offering up the "tote bag" one day.