Metal and straw

A bunch of bracelets I found thrifting. Woven fibers, neon, periwinkle, copper & brass. This is my Summer 2012 feeling.


I've been having my way with frisee

The farmer's market yielded a beautiful head of frisee. I tired of eating it as a salad, and thought I'd do my standard olive oil & garlic sautee. Fracken delicious!

Frisee sauteed with garlic, sundried tomatoes, olive oil, salt & a squeeze of lemon juice. Enjoyed with some sunny-side-up free-range eggs placed upside-down, with a dash of shoyu, over rice. It should be noted there is a good amount of grass-fed butter melted and co-mingling with the hint of shoyu saltiness in that there bowl. As a friend mentioned ---"mouthgasm."



When I have a chance to go over my blog subscriptions, I always drop by StyleLikeU.com. The site is kind of a mix of The Sartorialist meets The Selby meets a visual course in style psychology & modern-day anthropology. I'm always interested in individuality, and find they do a great job in seeking out shining examples. Love the personal stories their subjects share. Here are two closet profiles of women on different style spectrums, but are both equally dynamic in their personal expression.

Rose Apodaca - See her full profile on StyleLikeU.

Liz Baca - See her full profile on StyleLikeU.


Italian blue

The blue Italian sandals in my shop were recently featured in this lovely Etsy treasury.

Additional photos via sellers included in this Etsy treasury


First cherries

First cherries of the season. Making fabric stick together. Lightening my life load. Reassurance in my own damned self. My people make beautiful art & music. Summer dancing wait for me --I'll make it worth your while.

Nicolas Jaar