Happy Birthday Liz

One of the most beautiful voices I ever laid ears upon.

You will always be my three-tiered secret waterfall in a bamboo grove, sleeping at the edge of a cliff waiting for sunrise, and a full moon skinny dip. Forever and ever a soundtrack for the best of times.

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There's nothing wrong with a good collide

Clap your hands, slap your thighs. A skin stretched makes a beat, like when you bang your spoon on the pot. Beginning sound. Speaking of which... I watched an amazing jazz drummer go off on a level that made me transcend time.


Kiki Smith

"You can have tremendous talent, but it doesn't mean that you care about it."
- Kiki Smith


It's been a year since you've gone

Remembering my father --an innate musician who instilled the love of sound in me. Thank you.

And the world keeps burning and turning. I only have the capacity to engage with you. Be nice...


New taco concept

I bought a bag of corn tortillas, and have been trying out new taco concepts. Unusual, but good: herring-celery salad, toasted nori, beet greens, tomato. You can't see it, but there's a lotta garlic up in there.

Herring Celery Salad
- Mash garlic, scallions, sliced celery, herring (or your seafood of choice, or even tofu) and lemon juice together.
- Add turmeric, a pinch of cumin and salt & pepper to taste. Make it spicy if you like.
- Mix through a bit of olive oil (avocado would be amazing, too).
- Taste test, then let flavors meld for a few minutes. I riffed and added ground flaxseed, and toasted sesame seeds to mine. Flavor as you like.




Listening to Coltrane's bio on KCSM, under the covers. God, he never disappoints. Perfect for a windy night in.