Let's bang out 2013:
cut our bangs,
light the world on fire,
bang a drum...
Keep blazing a path
to self-realization,
and remembering to share laughs
and give love
along the way.

Lastly, do it in style...

Ouroboros via Evidence Jewelry. New Years 87% waning, gibbous Moon via astroimager/swanastro.org.uk.


3 Things
A lace bra, a big sweater, and Fracas.....

3 Things

3 Things by caramimi:   Acne oversized top / Mad Love mesh tank  / Haider Ackermann pleated pants  / La Perla nude bra / Christian Louboutin heels / Fendi handbag  / Yves Saint Laurent ring / Rare London green earrings  / Finn rose gold jewelry / Robert Piguet Fracas Parfum


I used to hike hours to get to an island waterfall that entailed descending into a valley,
scaling a muddy slope I swear felt like a 90-degree angle,
with only an old hemp rope and tree roots to hold onto.
Of course all this effort involved a prize,
which was the amazing aforementioned waterfall that spilled into a pool.
My favorite thing to do was get inside the fall, that was as tight as a closet,
and feel the pounding gush of water fall on my head.

Kevin Francis Gray sculpture via Hi-Fructose. Hair via Sang Bleu


Forward, onward, creative thinkers...

Mariko Mori

When I was island-bound, my friends and I would swim in the ocean during a full moon's night, and watch our wading shadows lightly reflected straight down onto the sand floor. Some nights I napped near a rocky cliff till the sun broke on the horizon. The marriage of the sun and the moon.... I love the concept of this artist's piece
--I wish I could sleep there.

Mariko Mori & Ross Lovegrove

I like this conversation... There's this Star Trekiness with an aesthetic sensitivity going on.


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These visuals and jaded chicks want to hang around your walls...


It's wet and dreary and rainy, and I've been sick with a festering cold for weeks. Apart from popping vitamin C like a mad woman, I'm finding my slight addiction to Polyvore as soothing as a zinc-filled cough drop. In my parallel universe, I'm faring the weather in these...

All Weather Boots

Never mind the umbrella


Kiss me at the movies

Hunter-in-the-weeds realness

Autumn brunch