miso yaki-nasu

miso yaki-nasu

I found some beautiful organic Japanese-variety eggplants at Rainbow Grocery Co-op. Inspired by Tea & Cookies, I made yaki-nasu (grilled eggplant) with miso. Quite delicious! I mixed a bit of sugar with the miso, from the original recipe, but found it a tad too sweet. I'll do this again, but nix the sugar and maybe add some chili instead. I can't tell you how good this was with rice.

I usually like my yaki-nasu prepared by charring the eggplant over the fire, peeling off the blackened skin, then serving it with a squeeze of lemon & shoyu. It was nice to try something new. Served on a bamboo tray and Japanese ceramic dish found thrifting.

Ingredients: Local Japanese-variety eggplant, California Cold Mountain yellow miso, pinch of turbinado sugar, roasted sesame oil and scallions. All organic and mostly local (Bay Area) or Californian.

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