The iced espresso ritual. I am currently loving the combo of Ritual's Ccochapampa Peru beans with palm sugar. I can't believe I haven't explored palm sugar's delights till now. The mellow molasses flavor of the palm sugar is a perfect match to this espresso's acidity. Mmmmm.... sublime.

Ritual Roasters organic, fair-trade espresso x palm sugar x organic half-half. French cafe glass, pottery bowl, and ILSA espresso pot found thrifting; rectangular striped dish from Japantown; orange tray from OHIO design, rooster Portugal tea towel from magicmikas.


santos. said...

oh yuh, palm sugar's the bomb.i always try to find asian brown sugar for baking because it's got that deeper mo-lasses flavour that just isn't in its more processed american counterpart.

also currently loving both light and dark agave syrup. just a touch is often enough.

caramimi said...

wow, funny that you mentioned agave, as i was initially using it to sweeten my coffee, in an attempt to eat less processed sugars. i broke down and tried the palm sugar i was saving for a future papaya salad, since i was craving a more carmelized flavor. i did try both agave & palm sugar in an iced coffee once and it was so good. but that's not very practical, huh?

The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

That thrifted coffee maker is fabulous!

caramimi said...

thank you! yeah, i could not believe my luck when i found it. a very rare occurrence, so i try to honor it with some good coffee and give it a baking soda bath every so often.