Thai iced tea attempt

I've taken a break from making coffee at home, to force myself to get outside and mingle amongst the living at my local cafe--which happens to be Four Barrel Coffee--how lucky am I? But really, if you work from home, as I do, you totally understand the need to be around people to prevent cabin fever. Despite my attempts at said co-mingling, I was dying for a coffee/tea fix, and rediscovered a bag of loose Thai tea leaves my friend, Halima, gave me a while back. Here's the result of my first home brew.

I decided to brew in a tea pot with strainer, just to keep from screwing up major the first time around. I'd venture to guess this is a 5-cup pot, with 6 hefty teaspoons of loose tea. I brewed it for 5mins, before plunging. This is my second glass!

On the far left is coconut palm sugar, I broke into smaller pieces. It keeps well in a glass jar in my cupboard. The palm sugar sweetness is soft and slightly caramel in flavor --perfect for Thai iced tea. It's been noted that palm sugar is also low on the glycemic index, is sustainably grown, and minimally processed. I use organic half and half for milk, but you can use whatever you fancy.

My proportions:
- 1 pint glass filled with iced.
- melt 1 1/2 tsp palm sugar in brewed tea.
- pour over iced, then top off with cooled tea about a little more than 3/4 of the way up.
- add half and half to desired creaminess.

Here's an easy recipe I found, and some Thai iced tea porn below. Ha!

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