Pattern play

I've been watching a lot of sweet video shorts inspired by films by the great Charles & Ray Eames. I find it soothing to watch these process stories unfold, especially when accompanied by cinematic jazz. Seriously... watching a slew of these in succession probably lowers my blood pressure by ten points. It's quite mesmerizing to watch the pretty colors and patterns dance before your eyes.

Additionally, I've been revisiting past collections by Italian design house, Marni, and found it a nice coincidence that this sweet Marni post-Spring 2010 promo vid landed in my YT subscriptions. Maybe the Marni folks like the Eames' too huh?

A few of my fave Marni Spring/Summer collections

With all this color & pattern play, I wanted to share this wonderful screen print I found while thrifting. I believe this is a print etching. When viewed up close you can see the color overlays, and some texture embossed onto the paper. It's titled Home is Where, and there's a some writing near the bottom that reads "Home is where the bird is." Very sweet...

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