BV SS 2010 yes please!

Tomas Maier's SS 2010 collection for Bottega Veneta is pushing all my buttons. I am loving the bright, yet muted, color palette that feels like a mashup of Italian Memphis Group design meets 80's office furniture. Lots of pale neutrals with a shock of color toned down just a notch. I particularly love the mustard-eggy yellows.

The soft, handcrafted look of the accessories are beautiful. They really take the signature Bottega weave to another level. The bags feel very ethnic, crafty, but quietly luxurious -- something Maier does so well. This asian-inspired, loose, structured silhouette, with a dash of body-con thrown in is so sexy and feminine, yet serene. I can't wait to interpret this feeling in my own wardrobe.

My favorite looks.

Photos by Marcio Madeira via Style.com

Visual inspiration.

Italy 6602 by Departure Lounge

photo by Bethany Ramella

photo by Bethany Ramella

Water by Adrien DONOT

DRAWING by fakemood


santos. said...

i can totally picture you in that yellow shift. these are awesome! i would look like shit in all of them :(

caramimi said...

woah, the yellow shift was my absolute fave! good eye. but seriously, you've got the best curves for the last floaty dress. my stylist eye knows it would look lovely on you. :)

santos. said...

i even like the shoes, which is rare for me.you need to make your own version of that colourblock obi pantsuit, it's amazing