I've been having my way with frisee

The farmer's market yielded a beautiful head of frisee. I tired of eating it as a salad, and thought I'd do my standard olive oil & garlic sautee. Fracken delicious!

Frisee sauteed with garlic, sundried tomatoes, olive oil, salt & a squeeze of lemon juice. Enjoyed with some sunny-side-up free-range eggs placed upside-down, with a dash of shoyu, over rice. It should be noted there is a good amount of grass-fed butter melted and co-mingling with the hint of shoyu saltiness in that there bowl. As a friend mentioned ---"mouthgasm."


gridjunky said...

Huh. Never had it fried before, will have to try that. Looks good.

caramimi said...

The frisee head was so big, I couldn't have another salad. It's great sauteed or braised. I cook it just enough to wilt it. This could be really yummy with pasta or quinoa, I think.