Someplace with a Mountain

I just watched a film on sea water rising, ironically only a few days after the tsunami. The film made me cry & cry & cry & cry.

Lauren McKeon, To the stars through difficulties, 2011
(Luggage Store Gallery: BULLET TRAIN LA/SF Round Tripp show, 3/12 to 4/16/2011)

This film was part of the San Francisco Ocean Film Festival. The atoll islands of Poluwat are not far South from my home islands of Guam & the Northern Marianas. Back home, I've already seen the waters rise, and beaches washed over. One of Guam's smaller surfing beaches is now underwater in less than 7 years. They've even installed a pier. This rapid change is very, very scary.

During director Steve Goodall's Q&A, he confessed he was distraught over the fate of the Poluwat islanders, as he has heard no word from them since the tsunami disasters. I wholeheartedly pray they survived it.

A quote from one of the island leaders, "We ask if you can include us in your plans for the future."

For more information on this movie, which will view on PBS btw, please check out the website: www.someplacewithamountain.org. They are in need of helping hands...

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caramimi said...

Good news from the director/film's Facebook page:
"Everyone is Okay! I just hung up with "Bruce the radio guy" from Guam and he has been in contact with our tiny islands and says they suffered no damage from the Tsunami! Amazing! Good karma maybe :) Thanks for all you emails, Steve Goodall"

You can follow the progress of this film on Facebook here: