Ghosts want hair

The first time I saw Bjork's Human Behaviour video, my eyes twinkled and silly smile spread across my face. Director Michel Gondry's amazing stop-animation, coupled with the power of Bjork wearing one of my all time favorite looks by Martin Margiela, was like a force to be reckoned with --a force of wonder, that is.

My eyes did a familiar twinkle when they were set upon the work of Swiss-American design student, Mariel Manuel. I've been following her Flickr stream for a while, but her latest collection, No wonder. ghosts want hair., just about bowled me over. There is something about this whimsy I love.

Read Dazed Digital's interview with Mariel and her fellow design students here.

Mariel's previous collection, high up on the cactus top. I love this one too!

images via Mariel Manuel

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