Margiela x African wax print

I've had a love-hate relationship with these Margiela heels I purchased many moons ago. I've been a fan of Martin Margiela, since I first laid eyes on his cloven-toed boots in the late 80's. These shoes unfortunately are not cloven, however they feature the chunky, round heel most of his shoes are known for. These shoes were originally designed with a black, nylon mesh sock that covered the outer part of the shoe, with a hole for the heel to come through. I tired of the "sockiness" of the original shoe, but couldn't figure out what to do with them -- apart from trying to sell them off (apparently this is difficult to do in San Francisco, as I had hard luck finding a buyer to appreciate them).

In a late night fit of wanting a new pair of heels, but with no financial resources, I eyed my little bundle of African wax print fabric from Ghana, and devised a long bias-cut sash to wrap around the naked part of the shoe (san mesh sock). I'm back in love with these shoes again, and dare I say they look a little like Margiela meets Dries Van Noten?

Repurposed Margiela black leather sandals, with self-made sash made of African wax print cotton fabric from Ghana. It's difficult to see, but there are tires printed on this fabric! I love graphics that make me smile. (p.s. please ignore my Flintstone toes!)

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