A bit of Spring wardrobe inspiration

Some past hits giving me new found inspiration. I've been neutral and monotone this past Fall/Winter. I'm loving color again, especially mixed prints with lots of gold jewelry and textures piled on top. Although I rarely wear pink, a hot version of this color has been catching my eye.

Saipan - mwars
Mwar head garlands of bougainvillea and ylang ylang.

Saipan - shelly
Shells, beads, silk, cotton, crepe, wood... a lovely mess.

A lovely pleated cotton tube with South American belt. I sometimes display this as soft sculpture, but I think I may make this into a dress this year.

Some jewelry and a top I did 3yrs ago. I'm kind of loving pearls and cotton lace again.

A leather hatlet I made. I like the shot of pink with the gilt ribbon, contrasted against dark, black leather. I need to get my hands back into the leather stash.

A gorgeous Korean hanbok found thrifting. I love this piece.

Saipan - morning gardenia
A dewy morning at my mother's house in Saipan.

Saipan - the bangles
A few pieces of my growing bangle/cuff collection.

Saipan - deeryloo
Sometimes kitsch is beautiful.

small joy
This shimmers in the barest breeze.

// photos: caramimi


santos. said...

eyeloveit! esp. the floaty fabrics made all crinkly combined with "natibu" you know? and the gold shiny is an awesome glamour touch so it doesn't get too rustic LOL

the sartorialist is coming to manila in september!

caramimi said...

yeah, i'm feeling very inspired by african and southeast asian folk costumes. loving the heavy mix of metals on color clashing. i'm at the sewing machine this week to hopefully get something going.

i'm surprised the sartorialist hasn't done manila yet. i can't wait to see what ensembles he shoots.